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This page last updated 07/21/02. Still hard to find freebies for diabetics, but here's a few.


Accu-Chek Create your own space on the Accu-Chek site and use tools designed to help you better manage your diabetes.
All Diabetic Free meter with initial order of supplies. Medicare and private insurances will pay for supplies and you only pay deductible and/or co-pay.
American Association of Diabetic Educators organization representing over 10,000 healthcare professionals who provide diabetes education and care.
American Diabetes Association Site Site includes tons of information - this particular page includes several publications in pdf format to print re Diabetes!!
Avandia Information from Smith/Kline about Avandia -- you do the research
CLAIM YOUR TAE BO WORKOUT VIDEO ABSOLUTELY FREE! - We've reserved a FREE 30-Day Trial for you in the Ultimate Beauty Resource - The Health & Beauty Club. Act now and get a special member's BONUS - A COMPLIMENTARY $50 DAY SPA CERTIFICATE good for use at any local Day Spa near you! Click the link below to LOSE WEIGHT, SHAPE UP, QUIT SMOKING, plus get a FREE Trial, FREE Tae Bo Video & DAY SPA VISIT!
Diabetes and Endocrinology Research Center - University of Iowa Site includes useful links to other Diabetes Centers and places of interest
Diabetic Candy This is NOT a freebie offer page -- however, a great site for most of us diabetics with cravings!!
Diabetes Control Center Information on bad and good of diabetes.
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Diabesity Connection Diabesity refers to the extremely close connection between obesity (or overweight) and Type 2 diabetes. Lots more information at this site. Click at bottom on read more for offer of free boxed set of 12 consumer friendly booklets from National Institure of Diabetes...
Diabetic Diet and Recipes More information here on diet, but some recipes.
Diabetic ID Bracelet Free ID bracelet from Diabetes Research and Wellness Foundation™ (SASE).
Diabetic Gourmet Magazine Extremely informative on-line magazine for diabetics -- includes opportunity to sign up for newsletters.
Diabetes Incorporated Education and services for diabetic community. Includes newspaper, newswire, info on diabetic camp, etc. as well as free diabetic newsletter (PDF form) Online magazine offering lots of recipes, health updates, cooking tips, kids stuff, was to burn calories and free monthly newsletter.
Diabetes Mall: Not many recipes - Some cookbooks - Lots of Info
Diabetes Monitor An extremely thorough site for diabetics - includes awesome listing for medications that saves looking up individually. Lots of Recipes.
Diabetic Neuropathy Yahoo! Health page regarding this disease. Lots of info here.
Diabetic Newsletter Free newsletter that contains lots of info including recipes. Brought to you by the publisher of The Diabetic Gourmet Magazine
Diabetic Products Free samples of Diabetic Tussin and DiabetiDerm.
REACH Your Weight and Fitness Goals with DietPower
Doctor Healthynet Diabetic section has lots of information and free samples.
Eat Chocolate - Lose Weight Free 18 day supply of samples and info on earning money.
Enterex Diabetic Free sample of this meal replacement drink - really not bad!!
FREE Catalogs and Great Savings!!
Glucerna Free meal planning booklet. Also Diabetic Health Connection program that offers up-to-date nutrition and health information specifically for people with diabetes
Glucovane Complete registration and be eligible for valuable offers.
Insulin-Free World Foundation "Insulin-Freeorg is a comprehensive and current source of high quality information about technologies and research at the forefront of curing diabetes." Pretty cool site.
Joslin Diabetes Center Oodles of diabetes related articles - also on-line courses re diabetes. Great site.
Juvenile Diabetes Foundation Tons of information of juvenile diabetes - find a local chapter
Keeping Well with Diabetes - new, complimentary program for insulin users that gives you tools you need to help manage your diabetes. Includes carbohydrate and calorie counter and guide to better doctor's office visits.
Life Adventure Series - Diabetes FREE CD ROM helps kids learn what having diabetes means for their bodies and for their lives - don't want to order since I'm an adult, but looks cool!!
Life Scan Recipes Site by Johnson and Johnson - recipes cited.
Life with Diabetes Well laid out site with lots of information.
Meal Planner Free Recipe and Meal PlannerGuide from Life Scan. (printable in pdf format)
Lily Diabetes Free insulin offer -- Humalog Mix75/25. Nutrition section includes a food search which is very helpful.
Medicool -- This site has lots of information and products for Diabetics -- Also try free Merino Skin cream sample!!
National Diabetes Education Program (NDEP) NDEP is partnership with Natonal Institutes of Health and Disease Control. Lots of information about disease, awareness programs and diabetic care.
National Institute of Diabetes&Digestive&Kidney Diseases Frequently asked questions --lots of information.
Neoteric Diabetic Skin Therapy Free sample lotion.
Neoteric Facts Some really interesting facts here.
Nite Bite Sample of glucose bar used in managing low glocose level.
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One Touch Promotions Site lists several promotions including current sweepstakes. (LifeScan)
Quick Log Download programs for your glucometer.
StarBright Diabetes CD-ROM Game For kids with diabetes.
Sugar Free Kitchen Tons of sugar free products and recipes - January 2001 includes coupons for discounts.
Sugar Addicts Anonymous On-line 12 step program to beating sugar addiction. Some of these are common sense - but nice to said all laid out in one place!
Stress Relief - Tai Chi for Busy People video package.... just 5 minutes a day! Site includes free newsletterfor mental well being.
ViaHealth Diabetes Page Educational Information on Diabetes.
Wizdom Registry Kit of wizdom and wit for kids with diabetes and their parents -- learn about diabetes while following cartoon characters and more!! From American Diabetes Association

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American Diabetes Association Complete Guide to Diabetes : The Ultimate Home Diabetes Reference "All areas of self-care are covered in the pages of one masterful book from the American Diabetes Association, the diabetes experts." (Oct. 1997)
Books on Mind, Body & Spirit
The Diabetes Carbohydrate & Calorie Counter by Annette B. Natow, Jo-Ann Heslin (Contributor), Sally Peters (Editor)-- Somewhat dated, but great for basic carb counting. (currently 10% off)
Diabetes for Dummies Diabetes for Dummies has the friendly, quirky style you expect from all the For Dummies books, but this is no skim-the-surface Diabetes 101.
Gourmet Pastas and Sauces on-line
The First Year Type II Diabetes by Gretchen Becker. Emphasizing the self-management skills that all diabetics must master for adequate control of the disease, Becker addresses the questions not always anticipated or answered by healthcare providers. Currently 30% off. Official Pocket Guide to Diabetic Exchanges by American Dietitic Association. March 1998. Title self-explanatory - don't have mine yet.
Type II Diabetes : Your Healthy Living Guide : Tips, Techniques, and Practical Advice for Living Well With Diabetes Paperback. Review: "This newly revised guide includes the most recent information on how to find the best diabetic care available; create an effective plan for weight loss, exercise, and skin care; self-monitor blood sugar; prevent and treat neuropathy, retinopathy, and cardiovascular disease; and more." (1997) CURRENTLY on sale for 20% off ($13.56)


4 Recipes A really well defined site with lots of recipes and other cooking info!!
Diabetes Mall: Not many recipes - Some cookbooks - Lots of Info On-line diabetic magazine with lots of new recipes each month and library of past recipes.
Epicurious Site: Fantastic Search Site - Includes Bon Appetit and others!!
Equal Recipe box and recipe of day with Equal sweetener.
Gourmet Connection: Really Awesome Info for Diabetic!!
Jeanine's Sugar Free Recipes Also has recipes using fruit as sweetener.
shop at
KYoungs Recipes for Diabetics: Mostly Deserts, but Good Form
Nancys Kitchen Oodles of recipes, diabetic recipes and info and other recipe sites.
Now You're Cooking: Cookbook I Use -- FANTASTIC -- Over 1600 Diabetic Recipes to Download!!
World Wide Recipes: Sign up for Free E-Mailed Daily Recipes - Good Cookbook Site
Vegies Unite: Vegies Unite: Over 2,700 Vegan Recipes!!


In Association with

Art of Cooking for the Diabetic by Mary Abbott Hess. 560 Pages - 375 Recipes and nutrient list from Diabetic Association. Currently 20% off.

Better Homes and Gardens Diabetic Cookbook An oldy but goody with lots of info and tips for restaurant dining. Currently out of print - they have two used listed at $5 each!!

Brand Name Diabetic Meals in Minutes (1997) over 200 pages that include good-for-you ingredients from famous name brands, such as Healthy Choice, Weight Watchers, Kraft, Equal and Dannon. Complete nutrient analysis and exchanges for each recipe are included, plus tips for cooking with low-fat ingredients and sugar substitutes. CURRENTLY 20% off!!

Complete Step by Step Diabetic Cookbook University of Alabama, edited by Anne C. Chappell -- 350 Recipes!! CURRENTLY 30% off!!

Diabetic Desert Cookbook by Coleen Howard, (1997) - Given 5 *****!! CURRENTLY 20% off!!

Order Diabetic Meals in 30 Minutes or Less by Robyn Webb -- 140 Quick and Easy Recipes for Diabetics!! CURRENTLY 20% off ($9.56)!!

"I Can't Believe This Has No Sugar Cookbook" by Deborah E Buhr (1997)Cookbook also includes cholesterol free and dairy free yummy recipes!! Currently 20% off -- $10.56

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