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This page was last updated 10/25/01. I have to tell you - most of the sites that used to be listed here seem to have been hoaxes, un-trustworthy or downright dishonest. A few have filed bankruptcy. I am therefore removing most of the sites on this page until I have time to completely research newer companies (which may be never). I really set these pages up for freebies and feel my time should be spent on those things!!

American Consumer Opinion™ STILL WORKING -- panel is a group of households in the United States, and in other countries around the world, that have agreed to participate in surveys over the Internet. Each person who participates in a survey receives some type of incentive (a free product to test, cash, a check, a gift, and/or a chance to win larger cash awards through drawings*). The incentives typically range in value from $3 to $15, depending upon the length of the questionnaire and the time it takes to fill it out. If a survey is extra long, then the award could be $15 or more.

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Commission Commission Junction: STILL WORKING FOR AFFILIATES -- Web owners place merchants' links on their site where consumers click and buy. Then as products are shipped by the merchants, Commission Junction tracks and pays each content provider on the merchant's behalf.

Get the next issue of Home Business Connection Magazine free of charge! - Each Issue Contains: Over 50 little known money-makers that you can operate from home, 8-10 real-life success stories from average people who are becoming RICH from home and MORE! There's no catch and you will NEVER receive a bill!

LinkShare-Get Your Share! STILL WORKING - AFFILIATES -- LinkShare is the leader in providing partnership programs on the Web. With LinkShare you get access to the affiliate programs of over 400 of the Web's top merchants, all from one easy-to-use Web site. All for free. You also get extensive near-real-time reports about your earnings and activity with all your merchant programs. All in one place. All with LinkShare.

NFO: WORKING - POINTS SYSTEM NOW -- This is for NFO Surveys -- I have actually been paid for surveys SEVERAL times --- and its kind of fun!! Please be sure to use my e-mail address of and number of 2344508 -- I know you'll have fun!!

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PayPal Totally free service that lets you send money online to anyone with an email address. You can use it to send money to your friends, buy and sell items at online auctions, or request payments from people who owe you money.

Reduce monthly payments, reduce interest, and get one low monthly payment! - FreeDebtConsolidation is a non-profit organization helping people and families become debt free.

We offer you a more organized and user-friendly approach to exploring business options; a model achieving results for Clients worldwide. - There is no cost and no obligation for our educational process. You will get a wealth of useful insights about your skills and the new directions that can make your dream come true. Click for more information.