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Debby's Freebies -- Religious

This page last updated 10/27/01. I am proud to say that I am a Christian and have tried very hard to make these pages represent that belief. If anything is listed here that shouldn't be, please let me know. Thanx!!

8 Lesson Bible Study Free eight lesson bibly study course - other courses available on-line
American Bible Site full of interesting items - includes pdf format printable "God is Our Shelter and Strength."
Brand Name Bargains. Up to 80% off!
Belief Net Site that has lots of religious oriented subjects, articles, freebies, music, quizzes, bumper stickers and more...
Click Here!
Best to You Free encouragement e-messaging, plus discounts on Christian products.
Bible Crafts Lots of Bible crafts,songs and rhymes, coloring pages and more (includes new angel paper crafts)
Bible Quizzes Read your verses, then take a quiz. It helps me remember!!
Bible Reading Planner Bible Reading Planner dishes out three portions of God's word daily for 365 days of the year. In just one year, you will read the entire Old Testament once and the New Testament twice. Consists of three laminated bookmarks. You can keep track of the chapters you read by slipping the appropriate bookmark into your Bible -- free. These are pretty cool!!
Bible Verse Screen Savers Free downloadable screen savers.
Billy Graham Current free publication is 2002 Billy Graham Prayer Calendar which highlights some aspect of evangelistic ministry. Full-color wall calendar features a Bible verse for each month accompanied by photos of various aspects of the BGEA ministry
Calvary Chapel Stone Mountain On Sunday evenings Pastor Sandy Adams goes verse by verse through the Bible, usually covering 2 chapters a night. If you are interested in ordering a tape for a specific chapter, please fill in form with as much detail as possible. Calvary Chapel also has available "Welcome to the Family of God" a new believer's handbook.
Calvary Connection Resource Catalogue -- filled with books, CDs, videos, tapes, and study guides that will help you better understand how to become stronger in your faith. One Offer Per Household.
Children's Christian Videos & Software
ChildTel Ministries FREE Bible lessons in the mail (ages pre-school (3) through adult).
Christian Bookmarks Free Christian bookmarks -- Currently 28 printable bookmarks.
Christian Cornerstone Free CD -- Give Me Life -- contains original songs that talk about life ($3 S&H)
Coloring Pages This is a general coloring page site for kids -- 696 Pages -- it has several BIBLE coloring pages also. Currently requesting $5.00 "donation" - may be worth to you??
Emmanuel Coloring book selections from the Bible with line art for your child to color.
Eternal Link Free e-zine.
Free Bible Reference twenty-one subjects on the front cover serve as an instant index to this booklet and its fifty-seven areas of information. Also bible bookmarks available free.
Free Bible Software Several bibles and search facilities on-line free -- am checking into currently.

Gospel Communications Kids Corner Games for kids with Christian themes
free coupon codes
Hope Net Secrets of Peace publication -- will 31 pages are filled with beautiful scenes from nature and precious promises from the Bible. And best of all, it is FREE !
How to Overcome Anger Free booklet - really good.
I Am Loved Free I Am Loved buttons.
Free Bumper Stickers
Join the HELP ME BE GOOD book club - and start solving childhood problems in a most loving way. The books are written in simple language kids can understand and feature cartoon characters that kids love. The HELP ME BE GOOD book club teaches clear lessons that your little one will take to heart. This unique offer includes two trial books plus a FREE tote bag and 2 FREE books, "Disobeying" and "Lying" all for only $5.48 per trial book!
Kenneth Copeland Ministries Publishes monthly Believers' Voice of Victory magazine, and bimonthly SHOUT!, Voice of Victory for Kids magazine, both of which appear to be free.
Marantha Man 231 action packed pages featuring the life and ministry of C.S. Lovett, as the Lord led him from a life of crime to producing powerful tools for the body of Christ
Ministry of Key Life Free booklet of The Gift of Obedience by Steve Brown.
Helping families surf safely on the Internet
Our Daily Bread from Radio Bible Class (RBC) -- Offering convenience of having "Our Daily Bread" delivered directly to you. Also Discovery series booklets.
Power Point Free booklet Angels which outlines some of the characteristics of angels and will give you a better understanding of these mysterious beings. Mentioned 289 times in bible.
Promise of God Really awesome poem of "Side by Side" - check it out.
Salvation Bracelet Free gift from Here's Life Inner City - bracelet has five representative colors.
Spend quality time with your children with European awards winning educational toy and games from Hobby Horse. Click here
Stress Relief - Tai Chi for Busy People video package.... just 5 minutes a day!
The Story Free booklet - also downloadable version via Adobe Acrobat.
Woman to Woman Free booklet by Anne Melanie Wilson - Not Too Hard, Not Too Soft -- how she learned to balance the challenges of her life and discover principles that will help you in your own search for.
Your Bible and You Timeless 254 page Bible Study Guide Book that you and your family will treasure for years.

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